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Fast and Easy Measuring Instructions

Easy Do It Yourself Measuring

When measuring windows, be sure to account for the width of trim (W) on all sides. Because trim will be cut at 45 degrees at each corner, you must measure to the outside finished corners where trim will be. Add together both side heights and top and bottom widths.

A 4 foot wide by 3 foot high window with 6 trim on all four sides will measure:
2 x (48 + 6 + 6) + 2 x (36 + 6 + 6) = 216.
Divide total by 96 (stick length) = 2.25 sticks. This window would need 3 sticks of trim.

Window Sills
If a window sill will be used, add only the top and sides for trim. Since the window will have a sill, measure the bottom width for a sill allowing for extending beyond the side trims on both sides (ex. 6), as well as an additional 8 on each side to create returns to wall.

60 window + (2 x 6 extensions ea. side) + (2 x 8 for returns) = 88 of sill needed.
This window would need one stick of window sill if ordering stock trims.  Or you can specify an 88 " sill with finished ends when you order.

NOTE: All trims and sills (except finished-end sills) come in 96 lengths. You will be using them in varying sizes and may need to create a seam when installing your pieces - which can be filled with stucco patch or our exclusive "StyroCaulk", stucco caulking.

Diagram shows installed product ready for painting.

All FoamTrims come in 8 stick lengths (except finishes end sills)

  • Add a keystone or Quoins for a traditional look.

  • Coated with our standard texture.

  • Simply Measure, Cut, Glue, Caulk & Paint!

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