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Easy Installation Instructions

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Do it Yourself Tools
Installing your FoamTrim accents are easy and fast. 

The measuring instructions page describes in detail how to fit the trim sizes to the desired openings.

Cut: Using a standard wood saw or power saw, cut through the outer exterior finish of your trim to the desired lengths. Miter (diagonal) cut the corners. 

Glue: Glue your trims to the wall using a low solvent exterior construction adhesive.  We recommend a generous S-curved bead of clear 100% silicone. In some instances, pieces of double stick foam tape will hold the trim to the wall while the adhesive cures. You may also temporarily use strips of masking tape across the outside surface of the trim to hold in place until the adhesive dries.  On heavier installations, even a nail or screw can be driven into the wall first with the accents attached to keep it in place.

Caulk: Before painting, fill any seams or gaps with stucco patch or our exclusive "StyroCaulk", stucco caulking. You won't have to caulk again, because FoamTrim accents will not warp or leave a gap like wood can. Your new home accents are maintenance-free.

Paint: You are now ready to paint the accents with the color or finish of your choice.

Cutting Window Sill Returns

If you purchased stock sills with finished end returns, please disregard these instructions.

If you purchase 8' accent sills, please follow these instructions to achieve a finished return to your wall on each side of the window. 

The cuts you make on both ends of your sill for these returns are why you must add extra lengths to your sill measurements. Lay sill flat-side down.  At one end of your sill, measure the return depth of the flat side of the sill stick and mark it on the sill face (d).  At this point, you will need to cut two miters (an "upside down" V ) in the sill with the point of the V at the place you marked.  Each cut must be 45 degrees as shown.  By doing this, you will cut two pieces from the sill.


The middle piece that's a full triangle and mostly all foam will be discarded and the one that remains (with the most finished surface) becomes the return. Flip end piece which, will be used as the return.  Repeat procedure for return on other side of sill.


Slide the end piece over to the wedge cut in the sill and assemble using glue, such as 100% clear silicone.  Repeat on the opposite side of the sill.  Create both returns on the sill first before gluing sill to the wall.  You may even use toothpicks or nails to hold the end pieces to the sill while the glue dries.  Seams must be "StyroCaulk" filled.


Optional Pre-finished Ends
FoamTrim window sills may also be ordered with finished ends so the above procedure will be unnecessary. Order your sills with finished ends by giving us the sill length (in inches) you need.


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Apply glue (adhesive)

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